Easy Ways To Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

Easy Ways To Make Sparkling Water Taste Better

Key points

  • Sparkling water is a carbonated hydrating drink that delivers the same benefits as spring water. However, some people don’t like the abscess of taste and look for ways to make their drink more flavourful.
  • The easiest way to get a flavoured drink is to infuse the seltzer with fruits, spices, or berries. Try adding strawberries, mint, citrus, grapefruit, or cucumber to the water. You can also try citrusy options like pineapple or mango.
  • Another delicious option is to add lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit juice to the drink. You may also try mixing sparkling water with kombucha or alcoholic cocktails. 
  • FUL® sparkling spirulina drinks are delicious carbonated beverages for those who want a delicious and healthy alternative to plain carbonated water. Spirulina is the most nutrient-rich product and one of the most popular dietary supplements. FUL® drinks are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives. 
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Sparkling water, also known as seltzer, is the healthiest drink for those who crave carbonated drinks. It’s a great choice for those who want to cut back on fizzy drinks. Yet, drinking plain sparkling water is boring and not as delicious, if we’re being completely honest. While there are many flavoured water brands available on the market, it’s very easy to add flavour to sparkling water at home. By adding natural flavours, you won’t only enhance the taste but also make your drink more nutrient-rich. Keep on reading to find our tips on how to make your sparkling water taste better.

Add Fresh Fruit and Herbs

This is probably the most popular way to infuse plain sparkling water with flavour. Even if it sounds odd to you to just throw fruit pieces into your beverage, just trust the process. Fruits, berries, and herbs are the best way to give your drink some taste. Here are some delicious combinations:

  • strawberries, mint, citrus, and rosemary
  • mint and lime slices
  • grapefruit and rosemary
  • basil and strawberries
  • sage and blueberries
  • ginger and pineapple or mango
  • cucumber, kiwi, and strawberries
  • cucumber, watermelon, and basil
  • watermelon and mint

You can also experiment as you want and add each of these ingredients separately. For a stronger taste, let your drink sit for some time. 


When adding juice to seltzer water, it’s important to watch the volume. While juices are nutritious, they are often high in sugar and calories. So you may want to use a 1 to 3 ratio if you’re tracking your calories. Sparkling water works well with many juices, but the most popular recipe is to mix it with citrus juice. You can choose lemon, orange, lime, or grapefruit. However, your options are not limited to citrus, and you can also add grape, pineapple, apple, and cranberry. Think about the flavours you’d see on the supermarket shelves and try to recreate those flavours on your own. 

You can also make juice-flavoured ice cubes and add them to your seltzer.

Mix Natural Energy Drinks with Sparkling Water

As surprising as it sounds, you can also mix sparkling water with natural energy drinks. We’re not talking about store-bought beverages but rather their healthy alternatives. For example, you can mix sparkling water with lemon or lime juice and chia seeds. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre, which will make your drink even more nutrient-rich and enhance its health benefits. If you want to make this drink sweeter, add some honey.

Try A Healthy Sparkling Water Alternative

If sparkling water simply doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to spend time on flavouring it at home, there’s a delicious and nutritious alternative - FUL® sparkling spirulina drinks. These drinks are infused with spirulina extract, and they deliver all the health benefits of this algae superfood, allowing you to benefit from its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Plus, spirulina is known for its high vitamin, mineral, and protein content. FUL® drinks are delicious and come in different flavours. They are all-natural and contain no artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

Add Natural Sweeteners

If you want to make sparkling water taste sweet, we recommend adding natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup. If you want to add sugar instead, make sure to bring the seltzer to room temperature. While there are some sweet sparkling waters on the market, by sweetening the beverage yourself, you can control how much sugar you add and, with that, how many calories you consume. For a little flavour, try adding vanilla extract. It’s easy to make a tasty drink at home - mash orange slices and a teaspoon of vanilla extract together and add cold sparkling water.


Who doesn’t love lemonade? But what if we told you that you could make your own lemonade-inspired seltzer? Commercial lemonades are typically high in sugar, but you can make lemonade at home following the 3-to-1 ratio of water and sugar. You’ll get a refreshing and delicious beverage that you can enjoy any time you want, especially during summer.


Kombucha is a flavoured fermented beverage that can also be mixed with sparkling water. The popularity of kombucha has spiked in recent years. By mixing it with sparkling water, you can make the natural flavour of kombucha less strong without compromising carbonation.


For special occasions, you can mix sparkling water with alcohol for a delicious drink or cocktail. Many people don’t know this trick, but nevertheless, you should try it. For example, you can mix a spicy margarita with sparkling water. For a summer cocktail, mix tequila, lime, orange juice, and chile liqueur and enjoy a relaxing beverage. You can even add some vodka and juice and mix it with seltzer, or try making a mojito with sparkling water as a base.

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Can you flavour sparkling water?

Many people don’t like the absence of taste in sparkling water. Luckily, you can enhance the taste by adding fruit slices, berries, mint, or citrus to the drink. You can also try adding cucumber and rosemary.

Is sparkling water healthy?

Yes, sparkling water is healthy and beneficial for you. It can help you stay hydrated. Plus, many people prefer sparkling water over plain. Carbonated water has the same benefits as spring water, which is great for those who crave a carbonated hydrating drink.

How do you make water more tasty?

There are some easy and quick ways to make your sparkling water more tasty. You can add lemon or lime slices, put a handful of berries, or sliced cucumbers to the drink. You can also try mixing sparkling water with juices or spices like fresh mint leaves, ginger, basil, or rosemary.

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